NIKEITALY by Anima Mediterranea

Nikeitaly is part of the Anima Mediterranea project which aims to promote and spread the beauty of the Italian territories, i.e. the cradle of culture, and at the same time intends to disseminate those handcrafted and healthy agricultural excellences so exclusive as to represent the most refined expression of luxury.
True luxury is distancing itself from industrial realities, the world of the ephemeral no longer pays, nor do the more showy forms that are configured between the folds of exhibitionism classify themselves as cafonal-luxury.
A step back then, in search of all that is 'truest' and represents a piece of history of families, communities, work, territories, art, culture. Our history.


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Nikeitaly is a project of the Associazione Anima Mediterranea APS based in Velletri (Rome), founded by a team of journalists and admirers of the most authentic beauty who have dedicated themselves to the search for that 'luxury' understood as the desire to go beyond everyday life with its boring routine that surrounds itself with mediocre things and the banalities of common taste, in order to exalt aesthetic taste, the beautiful, the excellent, the artfully made.

The Association Anima Mediterranea APS ( has as its aim Institutional promotion and enhancement of territories aimed at offering greater knowledge of the cultural, landscape, artistic values, customs and traditions, arts and crafts linked to the territory itself.